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 pure heart kids booksTM

Awesome positive, empowering resources designed to lift the soul, heal the heart and assist families.

Educational books, designed to assist children, teens, parents and professionals to  build self esteem, positive self image and pride and to foster emotional intelligence. Currently used by Educators, Psychologists, Chaplains, Social Workers and other professionals - as well as families.

Our books are written from a child’s perspective and captivate audiences of various ages, including adolescents and adults. These awesome books are not just for kids. They’re designed to assist teenagers and adults alike to rediscover their inner child and to encourage articulation and expression.

Realistic, heart felt, emotional and expressive;  each book lays the perfect foundation for discussion, after connecting with the heart. These perfectly simple, amazing books allow people to express themselves- and to get in touch with their emotions.. to simply say "I love you." Reconnecting families and bringing back smiles.

Real resources for real people - real families. pure heart kids books will help you say ... no matter what, you are LOVED, SUPPORTED and VALUED! All of our products are available to anyone, anywhere in the world!

PLUS - $1 from every sale via this website will go to an Australian charity of your choice.                        Select your preferred charity at the end of your checkout process.

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Safe Spot StickerTM

Child Safety Initiative - Leading Vehicle, Driveway & Home Safety Resource For Families With Young Children.

Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars & Known Danger Areas.    



The easy, affordable solution to keeping kids safe & reducing stress for parents & guardians.



Safe Spot Sticker Magnet - Safety When Traveling                                                                              

A visual, tactile, exact safe spot on your car

For your child to place their hand, wait & stay safe.  

Keeping children safe, stationary, in sight & away from traffic

Every time they enter/exit your car.

Positioned on the outside passenger panel of your vehicle

Safest entry/exit point of car                                






Safe Spot Sticker - Safety At Home

A visual, tactile, exact safe spot at home positioned near danger area

But away from immediate danger front door, kitchen, renovations, pool etc. 

For your child - to place their hand, wait & stay safe.

Positioned on the outside passenger panel of your vehicle

Safest entry/exit point of car                                




*All of our products have free postage & handling within Australia. International postage costs apply.

All pure heart kids books, Safe Spot Stickers and associated information are copyrighted and Trade Marked and may not be reproduced in any form without written authority from the creator Niki Burton.

Disclaimer: While the use of Safe Spot Sticker may assist in keeping children safe, it does not provide any guarantees of child safety. Safe Spot Sticker Vehicle Magnets are designed and implemented as an educational safety awareness resource and as an aid for parents and guardians in providing safe entry and exit of their own car. It is always the responsibility of the child’s guardian to provide supervision and education regarding safety and assume responsibility for safety and care of the child. Safe Spot Sticker Vehicle Magnet, should be immediately removed from the vehicle when at home to discourage children approaching the car when it is parked in garage or driveway. Any parent using a Safe Spot Sticker Magnet or Decal on their vehicle, must reinforce that children are not to touch the car or Safe Spot Sticker when the car is parked at home, unless instructed by a guardian. A Safe Spot Sticker is not a sign of a safe car; it is a sign of a safe spot on your own car for safe vehicle entry and exit. It is the responsibility of parent or guardian to educate their children about stranger danger awareness and to make sure their children know that under no circumstances should they ever touch, approach or enter a vehicle that they do not know; even if it does have a Safe Spot Sticker on it. Neither Safe Spot Sticker, pure heart kids books or creator will not be held liable for injury or fatality while using Safe Spot Sticker.

Safe Spot Stickers

To grab your Safe Spot Sticker click the Safe Spot Sticker image or visit the Safe Spot Sticker product page under the Webstore link.

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